Well, we are now into week three of the blog and I hope it's starting to read a little better.  Not that I am looking for the Booker Prize, but my family have told me that my grammar and paragraph structure is appalling!
Look at those quirky ears!!
As you can imagine, Hector is growing in front of our eyes; he is getting taller and has at last started to fill out.  He was really scrawny a few weeks ago, his ribs and hipbones were sticking out.  Now, you would say he is a lean dog, but not a skinny dog.   He has a really nice glossy and shiny coat, which makes him look even more handsome.  His ears do this funny 'sticky out' thing. I am not sure if that’s to do with teething (apparently dogs ears can do funny things when they are teething) or his German Shepherd instinct, which would make them naturally stick up.  Anyway, I think it looks cute and quirky!

Can I get in there and help myself?
Did you know, that at four months of age, puppies are right in the middle of teething and chewing can become a big issue?  Around this age, puppies often have moments of hyper activity and as a result of the hyperness, they sometimes tear around the house, running on top of the furniture, practically bouncing off the walls. This is a release of their natural energy and is to be expected. It has also been observed, that puppies tend to show an immature sense of 'braveness' and may get up to things that they wouldn't have done when younger. This may be described, as the pre-adolescent stage when some puppies show more independence. Hector is guilty on both counts!

Hector:  Now hang on a minute; I haven’t chewed any furniture or shoes.  I chew on the things you give me for my teething.  Don’t try and make me out to be a bad boy and the hyper moments, they have been rare.  As pups go, I am not too bad, just look at my sweet face!

On Wednesday, we had a really good Puppy Class. The Puppy Class included a walk in Phoenix Park, near the American Ambassadors Residence.  There were 10 pups ranging from 4-10 months of age.  We started out doing some exercises on dog and human distraction.  The idea was, that Suzie (our Puppy Walking Supervisor) held Hector in the middle of the circle of puppies and their puppy walkers; I walked away from the circle and when she let Hector go he was to come to me, without being called or getting distracted by the other dogs and people, if possible!  Suzie let Hector go and much to my surprise and pride of course,  Hector came straight to me.  What a good boy!  Each owner and pup had a turn.  All of the dogs did very well at this exercise. 

After our Class, we went for a lovely walk and a free run around the back of the American Ambassadors Residence.  We walked through some wooded area where there were some very young nettles.  Unfortunately, Hector and Nikita’s paws are young and sensitive and they got stung on their pads. Ouch!  They both whimpered and licked their paws on the way home in the car, but once home and much to our relief, they were fine.

Hector:  Oh poor us, those nettles were so stingy, but Michele rubbed some nice soothing gel on which helped. 
The park was so much fun!!!  It was great to hang out with some of the older dogs.  Big dogs are so cool! Hpwever, sometimes they get fed up with us little guys and say we are a bit of a nuisance.  They just don’t remember how much fun it is to be really young and learning new tricks and stuff!  Older pups can be too big for their own boots from time to time.  However, it was good being with them!

Here is Nikita posing for the camera at the end of our walk, isn't she sweet?
Friday, was Hector's moment to try out Politics.  I'm not sure that he is going to pursue that line of work, but it was a great experience. Hector and  8 month old Chenna (Puppy Walked by Marguerite) met up with Eamon Gilmore, Head of the Labour Party, at Paddy Powers Bookmakers on Baggot Street.  Paddy Powers have chosen the Irish Guide Dogs as their charity for 2011.  They hope to raise a few thousand euros from the Election Campaign alone!

It was quite an ordeal for the puppies because they were caught between the politician, his handlers, journalists and photographers.  There was lots of photos taken and instructions being given to Eamon Gilmore, about what was the best pose with the dogs, from the photographers, and questions from the journalists.  The best comments were: “Well Eamon, is this a three-way debate we have here” and “Who are the other dogs?”

Needless to say, after that session Hector curled up in his bed, banished all thoughts of a Political career and had a big snooze dreaming of running free in the fields!

Hector: Oh my Goodness, who would have thought that all this paparazzi stuff was such hard work? I think I'd like to just have a quiet afternoon now, thanks very much.

Chenna and Hector with Eamon Gilmore at Paddy Powers
On Sunday, we went to my nephew's baptism.  Hector came to the church, where he tried to upstage the baby, by doing small little whimpers and noisy yawns.  I don’t think anyone really noticed us, well I hope not!  Fortunately, he was not that loud and the baby got to be the center of attention for the day.  After the church, we went for a celebratory drink and lunch.  Hector also had his lunch (his dog food that is) and afterwards he relaxed amongst the guests in front of the fire for most of the afternoon.  It truly is a dog’s life!
Hector:  Last week was so busy, I hope we can chill out this week.  I am only 16 weeks old and I do need some down time.  I wouldn’t mind a nice walk/play on the beach or  go see Nikita.  Hope your catching all this Michele!
2/14/2011 11:33:24 pm

Parks? Beaches? What's this? Can I be a pup again?

Oh. I was taken to a big forest with loads of muck, trees, bridges, people and stones...... Oh, I just love munching stones..... :)

I was there on Saturday and with any luck I'll go again next weekend! If I get to go there every week I'll gladly walk around Dublin every day!

I got into a bit of an arguement with the branch of a tree... I came out better though. http://www.digitaldarragh.com/2011/02/14/the-first-free-run-%e2%80%93-training-with-ike-my-new-guide-dog/ike-vs-tree-branch-2/

Ah you have it all ahead of you.

2/15/2011 05:37:57 pm


What a busy week you had!!

We're really enjoying your blog updates each week!

take care
Clive and Murray

Padraig Mallon
2/15/2011 06:14:13 pm

Well done Michelle, he is making great progress.

2/17/2011 09:59:44 am

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Sandra Hopper
2/21/2011 10:04:59 pm

Hector, you need to be careful about who you are photographed with. Are you aware that Labour's Joe Costello wants to ban all dogs on the restricted breeds list? Given your obvious heritage, that's you!! So allowing that party's leader to gain publicity through a photo with you was a little foolish to say the least.

Take care, Hector. It's a cruel world out there.

2/22/2011 01:32:00 pm

Please post more of this. I largely enjoyed it.

2/24/2011 05:13:02 pm

Thanks guys for all the great comments, its so good to get feed back. I didn't realise I could answer to comments made. This is a real learning curve for me, anything I learn about computers is on a need to know basis, I am not a natural when it comes to computers!

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    Welcome to Puppy Hector's Blog:
    Follow RTE 2fm's "Breakfast with Hector" adopted pup's progress as he trains to become a guide dog for a person living with sight loss or an assistance dog for families of children with autism.

    RTE 2fm & Hector Ó hEochagáin:
      RTE 2fm's Breakfast Show Crew and host Hector ÓhEochagáin have been supporting pup Hector since adopting him at 8 weeks of age. During the last year, they have been helping us create awareness about our work and just what goes into into training a guide dog. Their support has been invaluable and has helped to raise much needed funds towards Hector's training. 

    About the Blog Authors, Susan Turtle and Michele Munnelly:
    Susan Turtle has been with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind as a trainer for over
    13 years. Puppy Hector joined her in January this year to commence Early
    Training. She'll be keeping you posted on his progress over the next few months. Prior to January, Hector was with Volunteer Puppy Walker, Michele Munnelly who helped him get started
    on his journey to becoming a guide or assistance dog.  

    About Puppy Hector:
    Hector was born on 17 October 2010 and is German Shepherd x Golden Retriever. He is an intelligent, lively dog destined to become a life changing partner to a person living with sight loss or a family of a child with autism.   

    The role of a Puppy Walker:
    A Volunteer PW fosters a pup
    from 8 weeks of age to 12 months. During this time, the
    pup becomes part of their lives
    at home. A PW cares for and trains the pup to become a well rounded, confident, calm, willing, mannerly and socially acceptable dog.  The main focus
    is on obedience and socialisation, ensuring the pup is comfortable in many different environments like shops, restaurants, buses, trains, busy streets and malls etc.  Also the dog must get on with and not be distracted by people and other animals.  All of this provides the pup with a solid foundation for their future training and role as a guide or assistance dog. All training is done through positive reinforcement, learning should
    be fun, "a happy pup is a willing pup".

    Supported by PW Supervisors:
    Volunteer PWs are supported by our PW Supervisors who provide training and ongoing guidance. This is done through practical Puppy Training Classes, home visits and one‐on‐one training in supermarkets, shops, train
    stations etc.  The PW Supervisors provide valuable guidance and support to help equip our Volunteers for the task at hand and to monitor each pup's progress. All veterinary fees and feeding costs are covered by The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind along with placing pups in homes when Volunteer PW's go on holidays.

    Come on and become a Puppy Walker for Irish Guide Dogs!
    It is a commitment but one that is rewarding and great fun!
    Go to www.guidedogs.ie to apply!


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